getting ready for a sale

Staging Your Home for Sale posted "Secrets of Professional Home Stagers," looking at ways to get your home ready for sale.

The skinny (what Shannon thinks is essential):

  • Curb Appeal:  Look at your home like a buyer, if it doesn't grab you from the street, ask what is detracting from overall appeal.  Clean, well cared for is what you are looking for, so do some green work ASAP, paint where needed, make it look fresh.
  • Declutter:  Get rid of 3/4 of your personal items including most of your furniture.  Most people have way too much, especially for a home on the market.  Want your home to look bigger get rid of the things taking up space that are not essential.  Do not suff items in closets, if you must keep rent storage.
  • Broken? Fix it.  This is a no brainer.  Think about getting an inspection done 1st thing.  You can give it to buyers to help alleviate fears, and you can get the punch list done before it becomes a negotiating point during attorney review.  Would you buy a car with a flat tire, and a squeal coming from under the hood?
  • Clean, Clean, and Clean:  Seriously folks, this is about the cheapest thing you can do to add value at closing.  $50 in detergents and a saturday marathon can get most places in tip top shape.  You'll feel good when it is done too.  Think about high contact area, like switch plates, counters, light fixtures.  Clean the vents, especially if they look like a Gremlin is starting to grow out of them.

The Fat:

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