opportunity finders

At Mode Realty we are opportunity finders.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest, we are here looking for the right opportunities to fit your needs and wants.

We help maximize your equity.


At Mode Realty, we work to help you maximize your equity at closing.  We start this process with a thorough look at the market statistics of your property's neighborhood.  We then work with you to properly assign value, help with staging, and in arranging for potential purchasers to view your property and to come away with the best first impression.



Guidance is more than just a listings feed.


We work to help you prioritize needs and wants, to more effectively meet your goals.  The place you buy should feel right to you, and we take that seriously.  Whether you are a first time home buyer, looking for that next step, or a seasoned investor looking for growth potential, we have the skill set to help you meet your goals.



Market Analysis

Past, Present, and Future

With every purchase we perform a detailed market analysis, so you can see where the value has been, where it is now, and where it might be going in the future.

Priority Engine

Rank your needs and wants

We have a proprietary "Priority Engine" that will help you decide between multiple properties, helping you develop measurable criteria, rank the criteria, and score various properties against your criteria.


ready and able

Need a lender that specializes in a certain type of loan, such as 203k, low down payment, bad credit, or can help you recover equity from your existing portfolio to allow you to grow your inventory?  We can help. 


Knowing is half the battle

Find out before you close.  Inspections are an integral part to the real estate transaction.  They look for major and minor flaws of the property, and can help you from taking on highly expensive, unplanned repairs or updates.  We can recommend licensed and skilled inspectors in both Chicago, and C/U.

We pre-scout to save you time.


We work to help you save time by only marketing good quality properties.  Tired of sifting through craigslist, seeing only one picture, that happens to not be of the apartment advertised.  We also help by guiding you through the credit check process using smartmove by Trans Union, to make sure you are qualified for the apartments you are looking at.  The difference between getting an apartment you want and not can often times fall upon having your credi




Credit done safely

A SmartMove renter background check is quick and secure. Learn more

  • Social Security number kept private
  • Quick results
  • All online


Paperless leases

Do you have trouble keeping track of papers?  Hate having to go to Kinkos to make copies of important docs.  We manage the lease process paperlessly, which means you can sign on your smartphone, and have copies sent to your email.


Never miss a payment

Most landlords we work with offer electronic payment options, removing the hassle or writing out checks, and remembering to mail them off on the first of the month.

Building Equity, One Tenant at a Time.


We work smartly, to help you market your property, and select tenants that add equity to your investment.  Contact Mode Realty to find out how we can add value to your portfolio, prepare your properties for sale, or save money on energy or maintenance bills.



Market Analysis

Past, Present, and Future

We look at what is happening not just in your neighborhood, but in adjacent or similar neighborhoods, that may help drive pricing for your properties.  We work with trends to help smartly price your leases to maximize your Return on Investment.  We look at the past, analyze the present, and help plot your path for future growth in value.

Tenant Screening

Each tenant's an investment, make it a good one.

We use Transunion smartmove to give you a detailed look into payment and eviction history of potential tenants.  The application fee helps to self sort, as most who have questionable histories will walk before paying money to apply.