Building Equity, One Tenant at a Time.


We work smartly, to help you market your property, and select tenants that add equity to your investment.  Contact Mode Realty to find out how we can add value to your portfolio, prepare your properties for sale, or save money on energy or maintenance bills.



Market Analysis

Past, Present, and Future

We look at what is happening not just in your neighborhood, but in adjacent or similar neighborhoods, that may help drive pricing for your properties.  We work with trends to help smartly price your leases to maximize your Return on Investment.  We look at the past, analyze the present, and help plot your path for future growth in value.

Tenant Screening

Each tenant's an investment, make it a good one.

We use Transunion smartmove to give you a detailed look into payment and eviction history of potential tenants.  The application fee helps to self sort, as most who have questionable histories will walk before paying money to apply.