Chiefs vs Wilmette 3 2:6 Loss 2018-10-20

The Chiefs gave up control of the slot today, allowing #89 Ashton Freel to walk in four times in the first period alone. 

The Chiefs’ first goal came from a nice shot wide of the slot by #51 Jake Gilles to bring the score to 1:4 but was answered quickly by #89 Ashton Freel who scored four of the first five goals for Wilmette all in the first period, bringing the score to 1:5. 

#3 Matthew Sampson sniped Wilmette's final goal off a nice pass up the slot early in the 2nd period, bringing the score to 1:6.  

Austin Wallace #2 tapped the Chiefs’ second goal in late in the 2nd period from a patient pass from #3 Cameron Feuerborn bringing the score to 2:6.  

The third period was scoreless for both teams.